TEDx Flower Mound

TEDx Live Event. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

TEDx Sponsorship

Are you ready to be featured on a global platform?

TEDx sponsorship is a rare opportunity. Some talks go viral and receive millions of views. Check out Sam Berns TEDx talk, which has 30 million views and counting! This is your chance to be featured on the TEDx global stage!


Bronze: $1,000 – 4 left

  • Your logo featured on the TEDx stage
  • Also featured in all live talks and uploaded to the TED platform when the talks go live all over the world

Email: tammykling@me.com or call 1-877-806-4921

TEDx Flower Mound

TEDx is TED multiplied. The X stands for multiplication

Benefits of being a sponsor:

  1. Your logo and brand featured to a global audience
  2. TED/TEDx talks have been viewed more than Google talks, Harvard Talks, MIT and Goldcoast
  3. Ongoing online promotion for the next 12 months
  4. TED/TEDx talks combined viewing figures are more than 2 Billion worldwide
  5. 90 Countries
  6. Hundreds of local business leaders in attendance
  7. Your image or logo promoted online

Current Sponsors include:JP Logo-01



And many local leaders and businesses.

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